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dokiri's Journal


♔The gal♔

Name: あにゃ/dokiri
Age: 19

Gender: ♀

Live: Norway

Hey~ I love meeting new people who share the same interests as me. As you can see I love Japanese and Korean fashion, but I must say that my favourite style now is gyaru. I used to do visual kei but I have stopped with that and gone over to a style I like currently. My favourite model is Kanako:) So since I’m a fashion freak my entries are basically 90% about fashion and the rest 10% is about my life in general.
Feel free to add me, but remember to comment before you add me, if you share the same interests as me or if I sound like an interesting person.
Btw this LJ is updated from blogspot. I don't use LJ that much anymore.


Reita<3 ・ Friends ・ Drawing ・ Japan ・ Korea ・ Japanese&Korean dramas ・ Food & Chocolate<33 ・ Music ・ Dancing ・ Shopping ~Shibuya 109 ・ Bling Bling ・ Movies ・ Guitar ・ Japanese&Korean fashion ・ Photography ・ Para Para ・ DDR ・ PS2 ・ Cell phone decoration ・ Nailart ・ Samsung YP-P2 ・ Turqoise, white and black ・ Anime ・ Manga


Untouchable ・ Epik High ・ ケツメイシ ・ Big Bang ・ Super Junior ・ Brown Eyed Girls ・ HOME MADE 家族 ・ 神樂 ・ ガゼット ・ プラスティック トゥリー ・ 12012 ・ メリー ・ 浜崎あゆみ ・ 倖田來未 ・ MINMI ・ 玉置成実 ・ 舩越 りえ ・ Under17 ・ L'arc~en~Ciel ・ アリス九號 ・ 大塚愛 ・ことこ ・ Teriyaki Boyz ・ Battle ・ Rain ・ Black Eyed Peas ・ Nelly ・ Chris Brown and lots more...





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